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Interview with Yoshiro Hamazaki of


I accidentally met Yoshiro Hemazaki of NOISM whilst browsing Soulseek, and thought it would make for an interesting interview. NOISM are Brutal Technical Death Metal from Tokyo, Japan. Tomoyuki Akiyama (drum machine) is no longer with the band, so it is now one-manned. NOISM no longer uses vocals, and enjoys having sex and wearing coats. NOISM's brutal guitar sound is very authentic, as it mixes well with the hyperspeed drum programming.

[gore_ridden] you like noism?

(8:02) [noism] im noism

[gore_ridden] the band?

[gore_ridden] NOISM is BRUTAL

[gore_ridden] wow! you are noism?!

[gore_ridden] i am a big fan of your music, you any good with english?

(8:17) [noism] Yes, i NOISM. Thank you for your comments

(8:17) [noism] I can speak English, but not perfect

[gore_ridden] oh boy! can i interview you?

(8:18) [noism] Who are you? Where you from?

(8:18) [noism] yes but my memory is running short

[gore_ridden] i am from the usa

[gore_ridden] your memory, like in your head?

(8:19) [noism] no my PC. The other guy in NOISM is living in Houston now

[gore_ridden] are you the guitarist or the drum programmer?

(8:20) [noism] Im the guitarist, but now, I do everything. The drum programmer is in US, so I have to do everything by myself

[gore_ridden] it's okay you didn't need him anyways

[gore_ridden] i heard you were doing a deal with Relapse Records and were going to release something, whats happening with that?

(8:22) [noism] I signed a contract on offering some songs of NOISM for their compilation but have not heard from them since.

(8:23) [noism] And it's been about a year so I think they gave up the project.

[gore_ridden] did you do the vocals from noism? also, who are your influences besides disgorge (us)?

(8:24) [noism] I was fond of that project at the moment, but as you know, we can offer our music by Soulseek etc... at any time we want without forcing people to pay, so,,,

[gore_ridden] Well I browsed your files and I only found one album, I haven't heard this one either.

(8:26) [noism] I did the vocal, my major influence was Disgorge, but I am also influenced by Deeds of Fles, Intervalle Bizarre, Candiria, Broken Hope,

(8:26) [noism] I can mention too many, so browse my files please.

[gore_ridden] Those are good bands.

(8:27) [noism] They are my influences. I'm ashamed to admit, I'm influenced by Fear Factory.

[gore_ridden] What is your guitar setup? And what do you use for drums?

[gore_ridden] Hah, Fear Factory aren't that bad : P

(8:29) [noism] My guitar was Ibanez S series with only 3 strings. But lator I changed to Seven Strings Guitar with only 3 Strings.

(8:29) [noism] I use Native Instruments Battery for the Sampler

(8:30) [noism] The Samples were taken from everywhere, BFD, DFH, Drumkit from Hell, from other bands,,,

(8:30) [noism] By the way are you in a band? How old are you? Are you a male or a female?

[gore_ridden] Hahahah 3 strings : P I hear your live shows have disco lights, are you still doing shows by yourself? What part of Japan are you from?

[gore_ridden] I will be doing a solo project this year, I play guitar and am 18, male.

(8:31) [noism] We do not live shows any more, We are not good at live shows, we found out. Because there are only two members and now theres only me, so,,,

(8:32) [noism] I live in Tokyo, Asagaya, Really the center of Tokyo

(8:32) [noism] Where are you from?

(8:32) [noism] What kind of style are you going to do?

[gore_ridden] I am from Missouri in the USA, there is NO scene here, so I just stay in my room all day.

[gore_ridden] I don't know I want to do something different, very technical.

(8:33) [noism] Saint Louis?

[gore_ridden] I'm thinking technical death metal, with some jazz and clean parts, maybe a little progressive, maybe add some doom in it.

[gore_ridden] No, I live in a small redneck town, I am the only metalhead I've ever known.

(8:34) [noism] I think we are a bit tired of hearing jazz influenced metal after Dillinger Escape Plan, Candiria, Cephalic Carnage

[gore_ridden] We?

(8:35) [noism] Try making the most technical music ever mankind has made

[gore_ridden] That involves jazz my friend, jazz is the most complex music there is!

[gore_ridden] Also, you have not heard necrophagist or sleep terror.

(8:36) [noism] Ok,Ok ,

[gore_ridden] They are both guys like you, solo guitarists, with a drum machine.

[gore_ridden] Have you heard them?

(8:36) [noism] I have Necrophagist in my folder.

[gore_ridden] Oh, have you heard sleep terror?

(8:37) [noism] I haven't heard of Sleep Terror

[gore_ridden] Can I send you an 8 song demo?

(8:37) [noism] I downloaded them from your folder

(8:37) [noism] I cant wait

[gore_ridden] Okay, they're a bit jazzy at times, I interviewed the guy from there as well.

[gore_ridden] What do you use for an amplifier system, also distortion?

(8:39) [noism] I think Im ADHD, so I have difficult times waiting for clean and slow parts to finish

[gore_ridden] And what is the death metal scene in Japan like?

[gore_ridden] Hah, well don't worry, he does it really well.

(8:41) [noism] So thats why NOISM is Hyper FAST! I have not enough time to waste for music like 100BPM

[gore_ridden] I always find it hard to find everything in Noism's discography, what all have you released?

(8:42) [noism] I use Digitech Genesis 3. Amp simulator. I used to work at the Japanese Dealer of Native Instruments and Emagic, But Digitech is the best

[gore_ridden] I just asked 3 questions there, so take your time.

(8:43) [noism] I dont use distortion at all, I just use the gain in the amp simulator

(8:44) [noism] The Japanese scene is quite big I think, but I really don't have much time to go to shows recently.

(8:45) [noism] I know some people in Japan, especially Yusuke from Defiled is like my bigger brother and he lives just 15 minutes away from my room,

[gore_ridden] Do you think Noism will ever find other members? What did Tomoyuki leave to Houston, Texas for? Do you have a job?

(8:48) [noism] Yes, I know that NOISM's discography is messed up. I have to organize it as soon as possible

(8:49) [noism] NOISM will not find another member because, I can do everything by myself.

(8:50) [noism] Tomoyuki first went to Columbia South Carolina to study linguistics but he has an American wife and a job in Houston

(8:50) [noism] I have my own job, I work at a publishing company

(8:50) [noism] Its very tough though.

[gore_ridden] Oh, well as soon as you organize a discography, you should send it to me. Be right back.

[gore_ridden] Do you have any Noism song tabbed out?

[gore_ridden] Also, have you thought of using to help Noism out? It's pretty popular these days.

(9:01) [noism] There is no NOISM songs tabbed out. Its impossible

[gore_ridden] Hah I thought that too, you guys really are influenced by Disgorge : D

(9:02) [noism] I hear a lot these days. What is it simply.

(9:02) [noism] I tabbed out Disgorge!

[gore_ridden] Oh well for bands you can put 4 mp3s up, and people don't even have to download them, they listen to a few songs, and add you as a buddy, and comment on you, you can also make blogs. It is pretty good.

(9:03) [noism] Well I mean, I can play the guitar along with Disgorge

[gore_ridden] Very addictive though, it could take up a lot of your time.

(9:03) [noism] only 4 songs?

[gore_ridden] That's cool, you should cover a Disgorge song.

[gore_ridden] Hah yeah, only 4.

(9:04) [noism] There used to be a good server called

[gore_ridden] I remember that.

(9:04) [noism] Do you know any service that I can put all the NOISM songs for free

(9:04) [noism] even WAV files

(9:04) [noism] I want them all for free on the internet

(9:05) [noism] but I have no time to search for free servers

(9:05) [noism] I need about 1G

[gore_ridden] I don't know of anything like that...

(9:05) [noism] maybe 200mb

[gore_ridden] I wish I could help you though, you don't want to make money off Noism?

(9:06) [noism] I think music should be free to everyone. In other words, music should not be a product

[gore_ridden] Also, have you heard Decrepit Birth?

(9:06) [noism] I've been in touch with the members of Decrepit Birth more than 4 years ago

[gore_ridden] Oh, they're cool.

(9:07) [noism] I wish I could make money off NOISM, but that wouldn't be fair to youths from Indonesia or China that are trying to make new music

[gore_ridden] I don't know anything from the scene there.

(9:08) [noism] If they get influences from NOISM for free from the internet, they will make something better than NOISM. What is better than NOISM is what I would like to hear when I go to work.

(9:09) [noism] I want that kind of music in my ipod, SO, my policy is to give out NOISM music for free

(9:09) [noism] So thats why I am here.

(9:09) [noism] But if there is someone that wants to donate for NOISM, that is very welcome

(9:10) [noism] But I think I have everything I need to make NOISM songs, so I don't need money for NOISM. I just need more time. Thats all

[gore_ridden] Are you going to release anything soon?

(9:11) [noism] No, my work schedule is too tight, and I do not have time really.

(9:11) [noism] But I will try as soon as possible

[gore_ridden] Do you and Yusuke of Defiled hang out ever? Also, how old are you?

[gore_ridden] And any advice on how to play crazy stuff like you do on guitar?

(9:18) [noism] I meet him daily. When both of us were jobless, we hung out everyday.

(9:20) [noism] My advice on how to play crazy stuff is: Try to make riffs that you have never heard. Those riffs will automatically be very insane. Just don't try to repeat what you have already done.

[gore_ridden] What have you all tabbed out?

[gore_ridden] Are you still there?

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