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Interview with Jason Suecof of


Capharnaum band.

I did this interview on AIM with Jason Suecof of Capharnaum/Crotchduster. Capharnaum is a Florida-based technical death metal band that has been making songs since members were 12 years old. Crotchduster is a bit more different than most bands, it being more a more comical avant-garde/parody band. Composed of two human members and a dog-animal named Cain, Crotchduster is all about the tax fraud and pussy farms to make a little extra cash on the side.

gorexridden: would you be willing to do an interview sometime?

Evil crip7: sure

gorexridden: sweet

gorexridden: howd the name capharnaum come to be?

gorexridden: and also, how did crotchduster begin?

Evil crip7: dont rememver

Evil crip7: hehe

Evil crip7: i just made it up

Evil crip7: i thought it would sound funny

gorexridden: is erik like your brother, friend or what?

Evil crip7: hes my friend

gorexridden: how long have you guys been friends?

Evil crip7: since 2000

Evil crip7: are we doin the interview now

Evil crip7: ?

gorexridden: meet in florida?

gorexridden: i dunno, maybe

Evil crip7: haha

gorexridden: i havent had time to think of any questions though, so ill just ask shit i want to know

Evil crip7: i recorded his old band

Evil crip7: fair enough

gorexridden: who does the obituary vocals, heh?

Evil crip7: me

Evil crip7: and cain

gorexridden: no way

Evil crip7: yup

gorexridden: thats maddening

gorexridden: i saw a picture of one of you guys once

gorexridden: which one of you is jewish? you or both of you?

Evil crip7: just me

gorexridden: i am also a jew or something, word

Evil crip7: word up

Evil crip7: im not a good jew though

Evil crip7: i eat my prok

Evil crip7: or pork

Evil crip7: and i dont keep kosher

gorexridden: me also, its just in me blood

Evil crip7: and i dont go to synagogue

Evil crip7: so i dont know

gorexridden: do you play a lot of xbox?

Evil crip7: nope

Evil crip7: i dont play much of anything i dont really have time

Evil crip7: i o enjoy rpgs though

Evil crip7: final fantasy and chrono trigger and such.

gorexridden: crotchduster would be very embarassing to play live, is that why you won't?

Evil crip7: i think it would be fub

Evil crip7: run

Evil crip7: its just to hard to

gorexridden: ah yes, all the high pitched vocals and such

Evil crip7: i can do that fine

gorexridden: um the beginning of let me into starfish land is a joe satriani song

Evil crip7: is it?

gorexridden: then theres the obituary vocals, angel of death, i think im missing one (megadeth)

Evil crip7: i dont know of any satriani

gorexridden: yeah um, i could find out which song it is

gorexridden: does it piss you off that people illegally download your music?

Evil crip7: im pretty keen on what ive ripped off " in an unsue-able way of course

Evil crip7: well sure

Evil crip7: i mean

Evil crip7: dl it

Evil crip7: if yuo like it

Evil crip7: buy it

Evil crip7: and support us

Evil crip7: thats all

Evil crip7: i make a living off of music

Evil crip7: recording and producing as well as playing

gorexridden: can you tell me a little about your writing process for capharnaum?

Evil crip7: i wake up and play a riff.. sometimes its good, sometimes its not

Evil crip7: sometimes i hear shit in my head

gorexridden: the riffs are pretty insane

Evil crip7: and i attempt to play it

gorexridden: and very catchy, ah ic

gorexridden: and thee process for crotchdusta, does it differ?

Evil crip7: yeha most of the crotchduster songs were recorded all in 6-8 hours between the hours of 10pm to 7 am

Evil crip7: wed write, record and finsih it all in a night

Evil crip7: except for the 14 minute song, and mammal sauce

gorexridden: who raps at the beginning of mammal sauce?

gorexridden: oh, and who beatboxes?

Evil crip7: my brother did all of that

Evil crip7: capharnaum drummer

Evil crip7: and i had these other doods do the intro

Evil crip7: from the rap "band" called big fish

gorexridden: ah ic, and do you think it will be challenging to top mammal sauce?

Evil crip7: yes

gorexridden: were you influenced by mr bungle at all?

Evil crip7: yeah i like mr bungle, pattons great, its not really what i was shooting for

Evil crip7: origionally it was just gonna be like tenatios d with grind

Evil crip7: but i think we kinda found our niche

gorexridden: oh sort of like excrematory grindfuckers i guess

Evil crip7: never heard

gorexridden: yes, i think you have done quite well with it aye

Evil crip7: i dont really listen to anything

Evil crip7: thanx

gorexridden: oh well they are great, yes ive noticed talking to you musicians you really dont listen to much of anything, which suprises me

Evil crip7: i listen to nevermore

gorexridden: hahahah im sorry, do you need a hug?

Evil crip7: dood i love nevermore

Evil crip7: great songwriting

gorexridden: ive never actually listened to them

gorexridden: i thought about it

gorexridden: though

Evil crip7: jeff is the best guitarist

gorexridden: i was talking to the guitarist of psycroptic yesterday, and he likes the haunted

gorexridden: i am so great at interviews, i really am

Evil crip7: yeah dood

Evil crip7: you rule

gorexridden: i rawk

gorexridden: would you care to guess my age and gender?

Evil crip7: yuor a male

Evil crip7: and your 19

Evil crip7: im guessing

Evil crip7: and your bra size is 34 b

gorexridden: oh yes, yes yes yes yes yesyes no no no

gorexridden: now

gorexridden: daniel mongrain was in capharnaum

gorexridden: isnt he canadian?

Evil crip7: he sure is

gorexridden: so is the reason hes not in the band anymore, because he is canadian?

Evil crip7: no

Evil crip7: i love canada man

Evil crip7: best place ever

Evil crip7: especially montreal

Evil crip7: the women are beautiful. even the fat ones

gorexridden: crazy french, yes i agree the scene in canada is way better than america

gorexridden: i live in the mid-us, and there is no scene here, at all

gorexridden: and i am 17

gorexridden: btw, some of this interview shall be edited

Evil crip7: 17-19 its all the same

Evil crip7: aiight

gorexridden: so what's luke jaeger like in real life?

Evil crip7: hes pretty hot

Evil crip7: he smells good

Evil crip7: haha

Evil crip7: hes cool man

gorexridden: well i can tell that by looking at his pictures

gorexridden: he gets very sweaty in them it seems

Evil crip7: id hang out with him again

gorexridden: and shiney

gorexridden: yes, he is a cool guy

Evil crip7: indeed

gorexridden: brb

Evil crip7: ok!

Evil crip7: hey

Evil crip7: i gotta run

Evil crip7: we'll finish this later

gorexridden: okay nice talking

Evil crip7: lata yo

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