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Interview with Luke Jaeger of

Left to Right: Luke Jaeger, David.

Sleep Terror, experimental instrumental death metal group had just moved to Sacramento, California, from Seattle, Washington when I did the interview. Sleep Terror moved in hopes of finding a complete lineup that they could not find in Washington. As of February 26th, Sleep Terror will be playing a show in San Diego, California with the likes of Decrepit Birth, Deeds of Flesh and Disgorge. Luke plays mind-blowing riffs that would make any Necrophagist fan shit themselves. Sleep Terror's tempo changes constantly and they switch their music styles from death metal to free form jazz a lot, making their music much more interesting than any standard death metal band. Technical, ADD-ridden, jazzy and experimental, other death metal bands will stand in awe of the mighty Sleep Terror.

1. What's thy guitar setup? Do you do all thee recording, mixing and mastering of your songs thyself? What processes doth ye go through to record a song? Hence, what doth thou use to record?

Luke: At the moment I run through a Behringer V-amp for simple direct in recording on my pc. I pretty much lay out all the tracks on Acid Pro and use it for additional equing and mixing if need be. We haven't entered an actual studio yet (will be doing so this year for the first real full-length).

2. Your music is uber-technical and your superior guitar wizardry shows you slayeth the death metal scene with mad skillz of Satan, etc. Do you think Sleep Terror will ever become more than just you and David?

Luke: I certainly hope so. We've struggled for awhile trying to complete the lineup but as Mick Jagger once said, ''you can't always get what you want''.

3. Which bands have you tried out for, why don't you think they chose you, and is there anything you'd like to say to them? Furthermore, when thee were but a wee child and someone asked what ye wanted to be when you grew up, what did you tell them?

Luke: I've tried out for a lot of bands. The mentionable few would be Disgorge, Sepsism, and Severed Savior. I did video tryouts for Dying Fetus and Misery Index. Sepsism wanted me in but my moving situation didn't go as planned due to life circumstances. Cool guys, best of luck to them. The others, who cares really about their reasoning of not grabbing me. My hair isn't long enough, I dress too neat, and I'm asexual. I wouldn't want me in their bands either.

4. You spend some amount of time in the boards, and you've also been banned from some of these rooms. A lot of people think you are an arrogant, unprofessional jerk....I don't know where I was going with this. Any comment?

Luke: I don't really spend that much time on there. Maybe 5-10 minutes a day which is mostly surfing it for some of my die-hard fans and their touching words. Arrogant? As most people are, just in a more honest way. The net is basically divided into 3 segments of people:

1) Those who are afraid of something, like their band or reputation being misconstrued or getting their ass kicked.

2) Those who are telling it how it is and how they feel, willingly putting themselves out there and unafraid of what might come back to them for speaking at times, their literal opinions.

3) People who will talk shit about anything at any given moment just to get a rise regardless if what they said is apart of their actual belief system.

I'd say I'm a mix of 2 and 3, a little heavier on 2 though quite honestly. The internet, afterall, is the last place I take drama seriously so hopefully that will put an end to the confusion. Anyone who doesn't understand me on there probably never will. I'll live.

5. Tell me about your experiences touring with Vile.

Luke: It was pretty fun for the most part. Seen a lot of new cities, met a lot of new people and made some hefty contacts. The most memorable night would be learning that one of my favorite bands (DEP) were playing a secret show about 5 minutes away in downtown Philly the night we played there and the vice president of Relapse and his friend driving me there to check it out. I was very stoked and lucky, probably one of their most intense shows I've seen.

6. It's been understood that you use perfomance enhancing drugs to play during your live shows, would you ever think about quitting and just playing sober?

Luke: Haha. Never.

7. How do you feel about playing thee upcoming show in San Diego with the likes of Decrepit Birth, Disgorge and Deeds of Flesh?

Luke: More stoked than Michael Jackson in a boys locker room.

8. You have some jazz incorporated into your music, do you play a lot of jazz and if you do who influences it? Who are your major guitar influences besides that of metal?

Luke: My jazz tastes are limited. I'm not hugely into the genre or anything, I'd say most of it came from listening to jazz radio, learning chord theory and the actual style of the music, its forms, etc. Al DiMeola, Donald Fagen/Walter Becker (Steely Dan), and John Zorn would be my primary jazz influences. Guitar influences aside from metal, sheesh. Well the above for starters, Yngwie and Eddie VH for the lead guitar aspect, Trey Spruance, Dick Dale, Tim Mahoney to name a few.

9. How long have you been playing guitar? Who are you main influences, metal-wise, and where do you get your musical inspiration?

Luke: 11 years. Influences metal-wise would be Cryptopsy, Death, Meshuggah, Disgorge, Gorgasm, Dying Fetus (old), Devourment, Nile (old), DEP, Hatebreed (old), some Spastic Ink, Capharnaum, and many more. My inspiration comes from many places. Could be a David Lynch flick, a John Zorn performance, a girl I just met that I love or hate (or both), percussive sounds that ring throughout my noggin during a particular day. It's everywhere.

10. Are there any death metal bands or trends that you strongly oppose?

Luke: Death metal is a trend. It's no different from any other genre of music. Almost every band is trying to sound like another, everyone is terrified of defying a certain image (in this case long hair, metal shirts, and a lot of the times boots and disgruntled facial expressions). It'll always be like that, and the reasoning is varied. A lot of bands, and I won't drop any names on this one, tend to change their sound due to certain label interest they get and it can be so sad at times. Music should be an outlet to express oneself, not to conform to what is expected of you for the ''style'' you play. That being said, style can sometimes be an ugly word because very few even attempt to fabricate one of their own. It's been said a million times, but rarely follows through.

11. What's your day job? Whats your favorite pastime? You have quite thee large following on Wouldst thou consider putting up a link to my webpage on your myspace for them to check out this interview?

Luke: No day job at the moment, just moved and on the hunt. Favorite past time.. walking the streets of Hollywood, Venice Beach, and San Diego alone when 18 stopping at many o' Mexican restaurants, porn stops, hotels, coffee shops, and chain smoking all the way. Will do.

12. If Sleep Terror were going to tour America and you guys had the choice to tour with any bands, which bands would it be and why? Also, could you tell me about some of your more memorable shows with Sleep Terror?

Luke: Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, and Brotha Lynch. Do I even have to explain? Most memorable shows thus far would be our first in a small house where my ears almost exploded and it was 130 degrees and I moved the entire set like I had just snorted 20 lines of coke (don't know how or why I did that haha) and any all ages show we've had. The kids in Seattle really turned out for us, hopefully its the same here in Cali but I might need more time to build the rep here that was earned there. It's hard starting over in a new area in that way.

13. Do you enjoy eating meat? What meats do you enjoy? Wouldst thou consider meeting me in Rhode Island one autumn to gorge on summer sausage and talk of past life experiences? Also, if thou were to invent something to make life easer for people with downsyndrome what would it be?

Luke: I quit eating dead animals awhile ago. I'll take you up on some Thai Tea and vegetarian egg rolls though. Can't go wrong.

An island to get away from humans who take their health for granted and have not a heart. Yeah, you got me in a serious mood now.

14. When is Sleep Terror's next release going to be? And what have you been listening to lately?

Luke: This year (preferably before Fall) a full-length will be in the making. Lately its been Morrissey's 'You are the Quarry', Depeche Mode's 'Violator', almost every Meshuggah release, Fredrik Thordendal's Sol Niger Within, Disgorge 'Consuming the Forsaken' and 311 'Grassroots'. Word.

15. Is there anything else you'd like to say to the fans?

Luke: You > Everyone else.

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