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Interview with Christian MŁnzner of

Left to Right: MŁnzner, Fimmers, Grossmann, SuiÁmez.

Necrophagist, was once a one-man band from Karlsruhe, Germany. Their first full-length Onset of Putrefaction was recorded entirely by guitar maestro Muhammed SuiÁmez. Necrophagist soon found a full lineup and joined Relapse Records. Their intense sound is made up of brutal riffs, Yngwie-induced solos and wild sweeps. Necrophagist then released their second release Epitaph off of Relapse and is currently on a European tour with Nile, Dying Fetus and Morbid Angel.

1. What is thy guitar setup my good man?

CM: Currently itís an Ibanez RG 550 through an ENGL Tube Rckhead 860. Iím still looking into getting a TC G-Force effects processor. But on the recording it was just the Ibanez and the ENGL.

2. How did you come to be in Necrophagist? And did your guitar playing in Defeated Sanity have anything to do with it?

CM: Well, I had played in Defeated Sanity for probably two years which were a great time, but then I left the band because I felt that I had different goals in mind musically. Anyway, the guys in Defeated are really cool, and they knew that Necrophagist had always been one of my favorite bands of all time, and when Lille moved to Berlin, he met some guys who were friends of Muhammed and found out that he was looking for a new second guitar player. Lille called me immideately, and without hesitating I send an e-mail to Muhammed, and one week later I auditioned and got the gig. I canít thank Lille enough for that.

3. Hath anything bewildering or crazy happened to you on tour?

CM: Nothing that crazy. But on the other hand, we also havenít toured that much yet. That will come in the future.

4. Jon Engman of Brodequin has said:

"i'll tell you whats "gay" about necrophagist:

not enough blast

too much faggot guitar wankery

it's heavy metal....not DEATH METAL (heavy/power/prog metal is gay)

the dude thinks he chuck (he even uses the same guitar hahaha)

they pose on stage like a fucking glam band (guitar solo faces and rocking)

there music holds NO brutality..."

He's also said:

" can't pound people into the ground with single note, noodle-y riffs and guitar solos"

"...I can't stand people that listen to stuff just because it's technical, tight, complex, talented, etc....usually bands that are "talented" can't write a song to save their lives because they're going "look what I can do"...

"...big deal you spend alot of time practicing. I don't care. I just want to hear something GOOD."

"...necropahgist sound like a video game gone wrong....thats really not that brutal"

Doth ye have anything to respond to with?

CM: Haha, he really said that? Thatís really funny. I canít understand why people can get so upset just because they donít like the music of someone else. I mean, if I donít like something, I simply donít listen to it and thatís all. But I came across one thing the guy said: he wants to be brutal, but he doesnít care about playing tight. This is a contradiction, as brutality mainly comes from playing tight. You will never sound brutal if you donít play tight. People often mix up the words brutality (which IMO is not the only criteria that makes music GOOD) and noise. Next, I couldnít care less if music is technical or complex, but the songs have to be enjoyable, and therefore they need structure and have to build up tenison and release, because thatís the only thing that makes music interesting, no matter if itís classical, pop or Death Metal. You donít get that from just creating sensless rows of power chords without caring how those notes contribute to each other. And, labeling other genres as gay in general is totally arrogant and ignorant, but Iím afraid you get that attitude quite often in Death Metal. If I wanted to pound someone into the ground, I would become a wrestler or a kick boxer, but not a guitarist. But donít worry, weíll defineately keep those guitar leads and 80ís hair band faces, ha ha.

5. A lot have fans have sayeth the older "Onset..." album is very harsh and br00tal, the newer album being more progressive or having a cleaner sound. Do you think newer Necrophagist will take a more brutal approach to the music or keep their newer tighter sound? Either way, it shall slayeth the banshees of hell and damnation!!!

CM: Yes, I agree that Onset was a little more brutal, mainly because those riffs were played mainly on the lower strings, while on the new album there are wider intervals and the riffs are played higher on the neck. I think the next album will be in between those two, the progressive elements of Epitaph and the brutality of Onset. We also think about using 7 strings on the next one.

6. Hath Necrophagist thought of selling tablature booklets? There would be plenty of willing fans dieing to learn to play die Necrophagist, I am sure of that, aye.

CM: Yeah, we already have thought about that and it might come in the future. Not sure, though.

7. What hast thou currently been listening to? And what are thou main influences when composing material for Necrophagist?

CM: Hm, what have I been listening to currently? Same stuff as always, some Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Death, Theory in practice, Racer X, Megadeth, Dissection etc. For my guitar playing, some Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore, George Bellas etc.. Iím more of a traditional heavy metal guy, ha ha. Muhammedís influences come from the old Death Metal stuff as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Entombed, Carcass, Death, Suffocation etc., and of course Yngwie for the guitar leads.

8. Few bands reach the complexity of Necrophagist's music. What music do you feel is just as technical as yours, if any at all?!

CM: Tons of classical stuff is much more complex as our stuff, most jazz music as well. Those harmonic structures are way more complex than what we do note wise. Just check out some Chick Corea records, some of the most technical music Iíve ever heard.

9. Now that Necrophagist has signed over to Relapse it has reached a broader audience than ever before. Do you feel Necrophagist should try to or ever will "sell-out" or "go the way of the Metallica"?

CM: Ha ha, of course not. Thatís just impossible with the style of music we play. I wouldnít mind the money and the chicks, though.

10. What is your favorite color? What kind of conditioner do you use? What is a really long word that you think is cool?

CM: I want to be brutal, so my favorite color of course is BLACK (just kiddig). No, itís probably blue. I donít know about my conditioner as my girlfriend always buys it and I just grab whatís standing in the shower. A really long word that I think is cool? Hm, what about Sexualbelšstigungspandabšr; I came across that word in a german South Park translation and I thought it was really cool.

11. Shall Necrophagist ever make a music video? I think that twould be very prodigious of the band indeed.

CM: Why not? Maybe something similar to those old Beatles movies, you know. Something with a time machine to see how people would have reacted to our music back then, ha ha. All of us dressed in suits, playing those old Gretsch guitars, and all those pre hippy aera girls screaming. That could be fun. Or something really satanic, on the beach with long drinks and sunglasses; or in a world pool with all those beautiful Baywatch type chicks.. I have tons of ideas, maybe I should get in touch with Relapse immideately.

12. Necrophagist has created a lot of technical metal junkies, ist thy band afraid of someone stealing thee sound of thy music?

CM: No, not really. I mean, itís really cool if you create something that actually influences other people and inspires them to play. Thatís the greatest compliment you can get as a musician. And if someone would really steal our sound 1:1, we still would have been the first ones, and a copy never gets as good as the original, even when the musicians are better.

13. What do you do in your spare time, besides playing die Gitarre?

CM: I like swimming and cycling in the summer. I like to spend some time with my girlfriend. Sometimes I would just read a book. But as Iím studying, I try to use as much spare time as I can for playing guitar. If I just wasnít that damn lazyÖ

14. What do you use for guitar distortion? And could thy tell fans the settings?

CM: We just use the distortion from the ENGL amps, nothing more. I canít really tell you the exact settings as we didnít write them down after the recordings. Just try around and trust your ears, thatís all I can say.

15. Last question. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans, or just anything in general?

CM: Iíd like to thank all of our fans who bought our album, and I hope to see you all on tour in 2005. Take care and see you soon!

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